The Best Balance Beam For Sale

Balance beams are easiest to manage when it comes to gymnastic equipment and also help master some of the most difficult techniques. We are here to help you progress with these techniques even if the practice you are doing is at home. Through hours of hands-on training, assistance, and review, our team here at GymnastTrainingPro have the best balance beam for sale deals and recommendations.

If you plan to invest in your budding gymnast then you need to determine the right kind of balance beam for your child depending on their age, skill and available space.

Our team conclusively decided that the Z-Athletic Off Ground Training Beam is the most recommended choice for competitive gymnastic training at home. 

If space and budget are your highest concerns then we recommend the Tumbl Trak Sectional Floor Balance Beam for any beginners. It comes with two 4ft sectional beams that have attachable velcro to make it an 8ft beam. It is advised to purchase TWO units if your primary focus is walkovers, leaps, and/or handstands.

How to choose the right gymnastics beam for home?

Before jumping the gun here and buying everything without looking into the details of a balance beam for sale, we suggest paying special detail to specific things which will significantly improve the quality of your choice when done right. The quality of the best balance beam is most importantly dependent on what you are most focused on. Here are some things that you might be focused on which could determine what mat you need.

Skill Level

It is highly important that the best balance beam for sale is in accordance with the skill level of your child. For beginners, a junior beam is quite effective for both first timers and intermediate gymnasts while full sized advance beams are required for competing gymnasts but definitely not limited to them. If you’re looking for an option that is accustom to the athlete’s skill then you can check for what we recommend for serious AND junior gymnasts below under our suggestions.

Much like all other aspects of this sport, resilience is especially important for skills on the balance beam. There are plenty of ways to increase flexibility and strength from home, so be sure to incorporate exercises within your workout.


This is a primary concern when it comes to shopping for a balance beam for home. these mats are the most reasonably priced WITH high quality accessories and are specifically designed for ages 3-14. The price tends to increase with the level of skill the apparatus addresses. Note that most of these equipment are different sizes, rule of thumb is the price increases with the size of the beam. This is to say the bigger ones will be more expensive than the smaller ones. However, while making your choice, you will need to consider your budget as well as the available space to keep it.

Junior Balance Beam For Home

The type of equipment that is optimal for home training purposes is definitely going to be the junior style equipment you will see below. It is best for practicing handstands, back walkovers and just about every other gymnastics skill before attempting anything on the regular balance beam.

You can differentiate the junior beams from the competition styled ones based on their shape, size, and overall setup (it’s honestly hard to miss).


The junior training mats and apparatus’ we have recommended have vinyl and similar grade suede to that used for training in gymnastics gyms. Our competitive training styled ones, however, use a heavy grade synthetic suede which is the perfect teir before the real deal.


The beam makes use of wooden supports on both ends along with a support in the middle. A mat is most likely accompanied with the product purchased as well to offer safe practice at home.

IGF Competition Dimensions

The Federation of International Gymnastics competition size requirements for beam are 4 feet high, 16 feet long, and 4 inches wide. That being said, these measurements are not required in order for athletes to practice with their gymnastics beam for home. They are merely just to give athletes, coaches, and parents an idea of what to expect before jumping back into the gym.

The Best Balance Beam For Sale

With all this information on what to do with your best gymnastics beam its no doubt that you will also need information about each apparatus we have recommended before deciding which one is most suitable for you. So here is our top 4 gymnastics beam for home.

Our Top Suggestions

When in the market to buy the best balance beam for sale it’s most important to consider the positive and negative aspects of each product on the table so it’s easy to figure out which is the valued purchase for the best gymnastics beam.

For Competitive Athletes

The Z-Athletics Competitive Training Beam (8 feet long) is the best gymnastics beam for serious gymnasts, is made of great quality and comes in traditional competition color: tan (although it does say it comes available in tan/pink/purple on Amazon). This is as close you can get to the competition grade best balance beam without having to purchase the full set that are in gymnastics gyms.

With that being said this is more ideal than a junior balance beam, which we also offer here, so if you have enough room in your house for 10+ feet of room for padding areas for the best balance beam then this is a great choice for you.

Beam Specs

This best balance beam is made of a tough resistant wood laminated core with smooth competition grade suede to keep as close to standard requirements as possible. It is dynamic and versatile, an impressive 7 inches in height, 8 feet long and 4 inches wide and contains a precise layer of cross-linked foam adhered to the top surface of the balance beam for sale for premium cushioning. The weight restriction goes up to 250 pounds!

One of the more appreciated attributes of this particular gymnastics beam for sale is the fact that it comes with two separate pairs of detachable legs.

In Action: The Review

Even though this is only half the size of the traditional balance beam, I have found plenty use for it and more with the athletes I have coached. The amount of skills athletes can learn are almost unlimited on this gymnastics beam for sale due to the significant difference in quality compared to the junior beams. Basically the only skills I would advise an athlete to save for inside the gym is anything you need a coach for.

So before practicing a skill, ask yourself or the athlete:

Do you need a spot for this skill?

And if there answer is yespractice it inside the gymnastics gym.

Most reviewers I’ve researched are essentially pleased with this gymnastics balance beam for sale, and as they should be. One reviewer reported the best balance beam is a perfect one for her 12 year-old daughter who competes and needs a little extra practice while she’s away from the gym.

In other words

The impressive Z-Athletics beam is worth all the attention and consideration to buy. It’s dependable, easy to assemble, solid in design, has phenomenal reviews, perfect size for competing gymnasts, and all for just the right amount.

Also For Competitive Athletes

With almost the same setup of the Z-Athletic’s version of the competition style apparatus, the Beam Store 8 Foot Suede Balance Beam does it a little better. This best balance beam for home to practice competitively that comes in 7 different colors, much more than the Z-Athletic’s beam which you’ll have to check on Amazon.

Beam Specs

Even though this seems somewhat similar to our other best balance beam for competitive practicing, there are definitely some defining characteristics this one possesses that makes it very different.

To begin with the low profile, wood-core beam is covered by a heavy grade synthetic suede with 1/4″ cross link PE padding, which is the same exact padding used with competition beams. You will be pleased to hear that the edges have rounded shaped sides to help reduce accidental injury.

A couple similar features are dimensions, weight limit, and customer satisfaction. Dimensions for the Beam Store 8 Foot Suede Balance Beam are 8 feet long, 4 inches wide, and 7 inches high, so no difference there. Same with weight restrictions, if your athlete weighs over 250lbs then chances are they should probably be playing football.

Customer Feedback

The way this apparatus feels compared to Z-Athletics is significantly smoother yet the stability feels almost identical. When I say almost, I mean the Z-Athletic’s is probably a little less than this one, mostly due to the 12-inch wide supports (which works well on rugs).

Best Balance Beam For Junior Gymnasts

If you’re looking to dip your toe into gymnastics, then Tumbl Trak Sectional Floor Balance Beam is one of best gymnastic apparatus’ for recreational practice. Tumbl Trak Sectional Floor Balance Beam for sale gives gymnasts the competition feeling because they meet the recommended standards. The balance beam is used in the performance of balancing and also in showing gymnastic abilities. Tumbl Trak Sectional Balance Beam helps and boosts gymnast’s self-confidence while walking on the beam.  The balance beam can be used to perform various skills such as jumps, kicks, and handstands.

Beam Specs

The Tumbl Trak is a great choice for recreational athletes and is most suitable for home use because it covers a small space for practice. Dimensions are 4 feet long, 4 inches high and 4 inches wide. Also note that these sectional pads have vlecro fasteners that are permanently attached so they can connect to each other. We advise purchasing TWO UNITS if you plan on practicing handstands, walkovers, and/or leaps.

Best if your priority is space and budget

If your top priority is finding space to practice in, then we think it is in your best interest to use the lightweight Tumbl Trak attachable sectional pads. Unlike our past two suggestions, the sectional pads sit flat and firmly on the ground with enough stability to practice most skills.

The experience one will get from using Tumbl Trak Sectional Floor Balance Beam will be of the best satisfaction. Regardless of whether you have a promising gymnast in your home or are just looking for one for recreational purposes, Tumbl Trak Sectional Balance Beam is a perfect fit for all your needs.

Runner Up For Junior Gymnasts

The next best balance beam for recreational gymnastics is the Foldable Practice Foam which comes at an affordable price and with extra cushion. Mat folding practice foam gymnastics mats balance beam for kids is a basic necessity for further development of basic skills.

Beam Specs

The foldable foam comes in several varying colors which you’ll need to check which ones are actually available, but the REAL identifiable features this mat sports is its dense cross-linked polyethylene foam that makes it firm enough to stand on but soft enough so can’t stub your toe.

Unlike any other balance beam for sale on this list, the dimensions for a single unit extend to 9 feet long, 2.5 inches tall, 4 inches wide on top and a base of 6 inches wide. This specific cheap gymnastics beam is multipurpose, meaning it can be used for much more than just beam skills. Its tapered shape also help a number of tumbling skills like cartwheels, which I have taught with mats of the same shape and size as this one.


Finding places to store the gymnastics beam for home is probably the last thing you should be concerned with after receiving this product. Like I have mentioned before, the folding feature is really convenient when faced with scarce storage. Since this best balance beam choice does extend to 9 feet long, this means you’ll need at least 4 feet in length of storage space. And since it is a relatively thin object, there won’t be problems fitting it anywhere, something that can’t be applied to the alternatives.

Balance Beam Safety Precautions and Measures

A gymnastics beam for home is a great tool for everyone, including both children and adults.  Just be sure that you remember to follow the safety tips and gain as much familiarity with the sport as possible.

  • Educate yourself It is important for your child to use proper technique to avoid any kind of physical injuries.
  • Make sure that the equipment is in good working order every time your child practices. This is particularly important for balance beams on higher level. Your child can seriously injure themselves by walking on faulty equipment. This includes the material of the wood being used along with the polish and any damage on the equipment in general.
  • Depending on the age, children should not have access to the balance beam without supervision. Considering the sensitive age of your child, you must make sure a safe experience is offered and the child is always abiding by the rules in terms of technique.
  • Protect your child’s back and teach them the importance of this as well.  Your child can suffer from back strains and sprains in case of improper conditions.
  • The equipment should be placed on a clean and flat surface. You don’t want your child to lose balance and hurt themselves in the process. Moreover, flat surfaces ensure good conditioning of the equipment as well.
  • Young children are prone to many mistakes. Make sure that the ground is safe for them by using mats and similar equipment. Most balance beams are offered with a safety mat. In case of a mat missing from the final product, you can find a mat for sale separately at highly affordable prices as well. Make sure that the mat should be clean at all times to ensure a healthy experience for your child.
  • Educate your child regarding the safety guidelines to help them take care of their equipment, technique and health on their own as well.

Skills Kids Can Practice At Home

Balance beam for kids help enhance commitment level of your child towards this unique sport. It allows them to gain confidence through consistent practice and helps them eventually gain command over gymnastic high beams in the future. Creating balance refers to the even distribution of weight. However, when it comes to children, balance simply translates in to not falling over. When a child walks on the beam in a balanced motion, it is regarded as dynamic balance.  You can make use of cues for the skill development of your child. Cues essentially help children retain focus on a specific part of any complex skill. When it comes to walking on a beam, consider the following cues:

  • Your child is never to look down but actually look straight ahead while walking
  • Ask your child to extend their arms to the side for greater balance

For starters, your child should practice walking on gymnastic floor beams. Before moving on to higher levels, children need to gain complete confidence along with balancing skills on the floor level beam. For this purpose, the best gymnastic beam would be no more than six to eight inches off the ground. Everybody starts with training wheels before they get good.

Balance Beam Exercises

Walks and jumps might be basic but these are essential for any advanced gymnast as well. Following exercises can be conducted using a balance beam for your child:

  • Walk side ways
  • Dip walks
  • Walk forward and backwards
  • Walk on tip toes
  • Kick walks
  • Jump down the beam (Start with small jumps and slowly progress to larger ones)
  • Practice jumps like tuck jump, wolf jump, straight jump, straddle jump, full turn and half turn.
  • Scales
  • Split leaps
  • Hand stand
  • Backward shoulder roll and forward roll

What Should Parents Do?

  • Before moving on to the beam, make a line on the ground and ask your child to practice walking and creating balance on that line. Through development of skill on the line you can then move on to the beam.
  • Help your child understand that they are not supposed to slide their feet rather simply walk across the gymnastic beam as they would on the ground. The beam will help your child gain a steady walk as well by using one foot step at a time.
  • Do not to stand in front or behind your child as it could disturb their balance. You can help the young gymnast by holding their hand and walking besides them in order to help them lose the fear of falling off.
  • Make sure child understand the cue by asking them to make an airplane with their arms out. This will help them keep their arms straight out at all times whilst having fun.
  • These effective and cheap gymnastic beams help children walk backward as well. Make sure to ask your child to pick their feet up on every step while keeping their arms on the side. Avoid sliding feet at all times.

The secret to fast comprehension

If coaching young gymnasts has taught me anything, it’s definitely that kids LOVE playing games. Which is great since it also makes my life a lot easier because do you know what happens when I incorporate gymnastics with a game? They learn much faster.

Here’s an example:

Your child can learn numbering along with gaining skill using the gymnastic beam for home. You can simply use sticky notes besides the equipment to mark the entire length of the beam.  You can place the notes on a higher level as well in case of a very young child. Ask your child to slowly move towards each number. This will help them memorize counting as well. Moreover, the child will be able to count each step as well hence, developing their mathematical skills. By asking your child to move forward and backward towards a specific number, ascending and descending orders are easily conceptualized by the child. With time, your child will be able to grasp concepts of addition and subtraction as well by simply counting the number of steps towards a specific length goal of the beam.

All in all, your child will be having fun and learning so much without realizing. Following skills will be addressed by using a balance beam:

  • Gross motor skills
  • Confidence development
  • Balance
  • Motor control
  • Coordination
  • Commitment
  • Persistence