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Top 5 Gymnastics Crash Mats For Sale

You can find gymnastics crash mats for sale that help teach skills on vault, floor, bars, and conditioning exercises. All mats range in thickness from 4″(light padding) to 8″(medium padding), and 12″(heavy padding). First you’ll need to determine the skill level you want to practice, then find what the mat’s thickness needs to be in order to support that skill level (more on this below).

We recommend using Incores Best Landing Mats for their variety of sizes that make it pretty convenient while maintaining a safe quality product OR the Tumbl Trak Pillow Pit because it can fold which makes it easy to move and it can attach to multiple mats.

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Best Stall Bars For Home

Every time I enter a new gymnastics gym one of the first apparatus’ I notice, that certainly is not in every gym, are stall bars (stall bars = swedish ladder = gymnastics ladder = wall bars). Which is a little peculiar because of how therapeutic it was made to be.

We determined the Xtreme Fitness Wood Stall Bars to be the best stall bars because of its low barrier to entry costs, ability to fit conveniently in a home, room for growth in fitness routines and physical therapy, as well as resiliency.

For a more cost effective, classic swedish aesthetic, and durable option, the Durable Port Wooden Swedish Ladder would be your second best option. 

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Incredibly Affordable Cheese Mats For Sale

Cheese mats are incredibly useful inside and outside the gym, and although there are some factors to consider before making any decisions, we have found the most affordable cheese mats for sale.

What are cheese mats used for?

The most effective part of a wedge is its incline slant. That incline slope is what gives your budding gymnast a little push to help complete a skill. Eventually, they will need to learn how to create that push themselves, but for now, let’s take baby steps.

Here is a list of skills wedge mats are used for:

  • Forward & Backward Roll (All variations include straddle, pike, dive, back extension, handstand to forward roll, and so one.)
  • Cartwheel
  • Roundoff
  • Front Walk Over
  • Front & Back Handspring

Here’s a fun little exercise to practice handstands with the cheese mat: Turn the wedge upright, the flat part can be used as a handstand spotter so that if the gymnast loses balance they will either fall away from their mat back on their feet (the position they started in) or fall toward the mat (more so falling with it) where they will land on top of it safely.

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The Best Gymnastics Bars For Sale

For starting your little gymnasts off when their young, or keeping them preoccupied outside the gym, five items which I have personally used for teaching new low level skills, tested reliability, and durability with are possibly the best gymnastic junior equipment. The best gymnastics bars for sale is the Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar. 

From the most recognized company in the gymnastics community with top trusted gymnastics equipment, comes reliable, safe equipment for your gymnasts to practice at home. Parents are relieved by how sturdy this gymnastics bar for home is!

My girls have one and it’s been great. Both of their bars skills have really improved (they both got 1st place in their age group at their last meet)…We have the kip bar pro from Tumble Trak. It is extremely solid.CTMOM (Proud Parent)

The runner up also comes from a company with impressive reputation for safe gymnastics apparatus’ for home. The Z-Athletic Gymnastics Junior Training Bar has many favorable features for your growing gymnasts we will go over in this review!

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