Cheese mats are incredibly useful inside and outside the gym, and although there are some factors to consider before making any decisions, we have found the most affordable cheese mats for sale.

What are cheese mats used for?

The most effective part of a wedge is its incline slant. That incline slope is what gives your budding gymnast a little push to help complete a skill. Eventually, they will need to learn how to create that push themselves, but for now, let’s take baby steps.

Here is a list of skills wedge mats are used for:

  • Forward & Backward Roll (All variations include straddle, pike, dive, back extension, handstand to forward roll, and so one.)
  • Cartwheel
  • Roundoff
  • Front Walk Over
  • Front & Back Handspring

Here’s a fun little exercise to practice handstands with the cheese mat: Turn the wedge upright, the flat part can be used as a handstand spotter so that if the gymnast loses balance they will either fall away from their mat back on their feet (the position they started in) or fall toward the mat (more so falling with it) where they will land on top of it safely.

Can it be used at home?

Yes, AND it’s actually pretty easy to store away in your home as well. In fact, each wedge has the ability to fold in half to conveniently fit anywhere you need it. Practicing skills on any of these cheese mats for sale requires the undivided attention of a spotter IF the gymnast is unfamiliar with the skills.

Some might argue that it is imperative to have a spotter at all times, but the thing is with young gymnasts, once they get a skill down they’ll be showing everybody and their mom.

And everybody and their mom will want to see it too. Regardless if there’s no spotter or even a mat for that fact.

Too be young and fearless again…

SO, it’s worth looking for affordable tumbling mats for sale to cover all surrounding hard flooring areas for these fearless acrobats. Alternatively, if finding enough room is your issue, practicing outside in the grass with this mat is the next best option.

Top Cheese Mats For Sale

We Sell Mats Foldable & Non-Foldable Wedge Mats

Our top recommendation has 4 size options available that supports all gymnastics levels while simultaneously being the leading athletic mat safety company for fitness sports. The forever reliable We Sell Mats has all of the required gymnastics safety material to practice inside your home.

Incline Mat For All Ages & Skill Levels

Sizes from Preschool all the way to XXL

Cheese mats provide the foundational backbone for developmental skills in gymnastics and cheerleading. This one can be effectively used to practice for most apparatus’ even in your own home or gym.

Find Your Size

Wedge Mat Specifics

  • Industry Approved 18oz. vinyl covering
  • Commercial-grade materials insure a durable and safe assembly
  • Handles on sides
  • Foldable and non-foldable options

Age & Size

  • Preschool (Small) Mat: ages 3-5
  • M-XXL Mats: It is recommended to pick a mat that is 12 inches longer than your gymnast in height
  • Use room space that allows room to grow

I’ve been to countless gyms, and practiced with even more equipment. One thing I can not stand is hauling off mats that are not easy to carry from one side of the gym to the other. Anyone of you who have prepared for competitions inside the gym or even had a hand in cleaning it know exactly how tedious and completely exhausting it is.

The average gymnastics mat is going to be bigger than the gymnast practicing on it, otherwise it won’t hold up that well, and the two things that have helped the most with mobility and convenient storage is foldable mats and handles.

Safe & Reliable

The purpose of this mat is to be sturdy enough to stand and bounce on, but soft enough to break a fall safely. These wedge mats won’t be as soft as mats that are made for landing, but having that sort of padding surrounding your wedge is a great safety precaution.

It’s all about how you use this equipment that determines how safe it is, use common sense. So throwing backhand springs right off the bat probably isn’t the best idea, spotting an unfamiliar skill is necessary to prevent injuries.