Tumbl Trak Jr Bar Pro Review

Tumbl Trak Junior PRO is the most used gymnastics bar for practicing and teaching core skills for gymnastics. With 50+ hours spent coaching classes with the Jr Bar Pro to ages ranging from 4-13 , here is everything you need to know about this item:

Bar Specs

  • Comes in colors blue and pink
  • Has adjustable knobs for quick height preference from 38″ to 59″
  • Frame takes up 4 ft X 6 ft of space
  • All materials meet CSPIA standards
  • 125lb weight limit

Tumbl Trak Jr Bar Pro

Gymnastics equipment isn’t cheap, but you can’t put a price on security, especially when practicing outside a gymnastics gym. One of the most nerve racking parts about testing new home friendly gymnastics bars is watching these fearless kids practice a skill on it for the first time, particularly back hip circles. Makes my stomach drop every time.

Luckily for my stomach and sanity, the Junior Bar Pro has ridded me of this anxiousness and now the only feeling that resides is the comfort I have knowing that my gymnasts are safe.

Points of Interest

Separately, these features of the Tumbl Trak Jr Bar Pro don’t seem that significant, but all together they comprise into a safe, reliable, and easy to use bar to have in any home.

Compressed Design

4 feet X 6 feet are what we are working with here. Funny enough, this gymnastics bar takes up more floor space than the average training bar, BUT that is actually a good thing! The 6 feet that the legs cover are meant to accommodate for extra weight and practicing on a higher setting.

Rubber Leg Pads

These pads are about 2 inches in diameter and make it so that you are able to set this bar up on a hard surface or carpet. The only qualm I have about these rubber stoppers (what I like to call them) is that they aren’t located at the end of the legs, just underneath it. I’ve used gymnastics bars where their rubber stabilizers were bigger and slightly better at supporting skills.

Height Knobs

Most bars have adjustable knobs, but I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but a lot of those knobs are really hard to grip and twist. Often times it’s because the knob is too small or it slips, but with the Tumbl Trak Junior Pro Gymnastics Bar they are very easy to adjust and grip. Probably because the D-2 knobs (that’s what they’re technically called) are made out of a hard plastic.

Curved Edges

Easily my favorite feature out of the four here since every other bar has cornered off edges making it extremely easy for accident to happen while practicing skills. If a gymnastics bar is going to be inside a home with children practicing on it it’s almost painfully obvious which style is the most preferred for at home practicing.

The Review

This is a hard product to top. Most of my issues with the Jr Bar Pro reside with the rubber stoppers. I don’t feel they are big enough and would love to see a more secure stopper even though there is already minimal movement when practicing on this equipment, but that’s mostly because of the legs stretch a secure 6 feet.

The 3 packages of parts used to assemble all of the equipment together is so easy to do that I’m partially interested in recommending Tumbl Trak’s engineer to IKEA.

Created with incredibly durable tube steel, the frame is made to hold 125 lbs, which is about the average for training bars. I wish it could’ve stretched an extra 5 lbs and make it a 130 lbs weight limit, but that could just be my OCD tendencies being biased. Either way, it holds in place very well.

All in all, I feel confident in not only teaching gymnastics classes with the Junior Bar Pro, but also recommending it for your home.


Can it be setup and used at home?

Yes, it is simple and easy to setup in a gym and at home so long as you have

Does it require extensions or plywood to stabilize the bar?

The Tumbl Trak Jr Kip Bar is the only gymnastics bars that need extensions, the Jr Bar PRO does not.

Is it hard to assemble?

Nope! It is extremely easy.