Level 1 Gymnastics All Around Skill Requirements

Acrobatic maneuverability and awareness has always been one of the core characteristics of the top gymnasts today. Being able to bounce of the floor mat high enough for a double-full or holding up your full body weight with your hands upside down sounds like an unreachable feat to most people.

I’ll be the first to tell you, it sounded unreachable to people first beginning gymnastics too, everyone starts somewhere though.

Gymnastics is an amazing sport to get your children into. Kids naturally have an unlimited amount of no-chill energy and it has now become more than necessary to get them participating in something that stimulates their interest and physical development.

Floor standing-up-manwoman-standing-up

Tumbling contains a collection of various skills each relying on different muscle groups, and in order to prepare for these requirements each skill must be practiced to build these muscles along with other exercises on tumbling mats for sale.

gymnastics level 1

Level 1 Gymnastics For Floor:

Vault standing-up-manwoman-standing-up

Beginning gymnasts won’t spend much time on vault, mainly because they need to give other apparatus’ more focus to help develop their muscles for stronger support. This event requires a lot of dexterity, agility, and upper body strength to complete even the most basic of skill sets. They will start out with a skill that resembles similar movements and build from there.

Level 1 Gymnastics For Vault:

  • Stretch jump onto springboard to kickstand and fall on back.

Uneven Bars woman-standing-up

One of the most popular and demanding events for female gymnasts that call for more than just body maneuverability and inverted dexterity, mental readiness and skill practice are also necessary. Luckily, there is plenty of equipment, like gymnastics bars for home, to practice on in the process. Not everyone has access to a gymnastics gym, so beginning at home is always a good idea given proper padding and a safe environment. For female gymnasts, uneven bars are very competitive and is where a great portion of practice is mandatory to get better.

Level 1 Gymnastics For Uneven Bars:

  • Cast
  • Pullover
  • Back hip circle
  • Underswing dismount

High Bar standing-up-man

This all male apparatus also referred to as a “horizontal bar“, consists of just a metal bar raised at various heights for beginning levels where a lot of the necessary muscles to compete on is in the upper portion of the body. Although, these requirements are needed keep in mind that everyone does start somewhere, so practicing these skills for Level 1 gymnasts are basic but imperative to be able to continue to more advanced techniques.

Level 1 Gymnastics For High Bar:

  • Pullover
  • Cast
  • Back hip circle


The most recognized all female event pushes gymnasts to use balancing skills they didn’t know they could achieve. Shaping their familiarity and comfort starting from the very beginning with the listed skills below. Beam adopts floor skills to incorporate into routines, but it is encouraged to practice these skills on both beam and floor to help them adapt. Try checking out some of the best balance beams for sale to practice on.

Level 1 Gymnastics For Beam:

  • Stretch jump
  • Arabesque
  • Tuck sit
  • Coupe walks
  • Candlestick
  • Front support dismount


An all male event that gymnasts can develop muscles for even on a playground is rings. Suspending in the air, are two rings attached to a wire cable several meters from the ground. Gymnasts execute a routine demonstrating several examples of control and movements, all while keeping the rings from swinging. Much like all other apparatus’, rings calls for a refined control over one’s upper body muscles. Those first starting out will quickly become familiar with these skills as they are used on other events.

Level 1 Gymnastics For Rings:

  • Tuck sit
  • L-hold
  • Swing Dismount

Pommel Horsestanding-up-man

Consisting of a series of single and double leg swings in the form of scissors, circles, and flares is the male apparatus: pommel horse.  Circles and flares are also incorporated on floor routines and can be practiced on a training lift called a “mushroom”. These skills may also be practiced on parallel bars and advance from there. As gymnasts develop their skills they can add more challenging motions of circle and twists.  Many workouts can train them starting at home to get a head start in muscle maturity and body control.

Level 1 Gymnastics For Pommel Horse:

  • Tuck Hold
  • Leg swings

Parallel Barsstanding-up-man

Another male event using a variation of swings on two parallel bars that are a little more than a shoulder’s width apart. Much similar to a mixture of other exercises, this one contains floor and bar skills to execute specific movements.

Level 1 Gymnastics For Parallel Bars:

  • Swings
  • Straddle travel
  • 90 degree turn
  • Front support
  • Dismount