Level 2 Gymnastics All Around Skill Requirements

As gymnasts continue through the basic development stages they become more accustomed and familiar to not only their body, but controlling their body weight as well. It takes dedication to learn and teach these skills to advance into the next level.

While this sport is highly rewarding to what people can do with their body, and it also looks really cool, they must remember to respect their own safety. Proper mats, chalk, and grips help tremendously throughout these learning stages for children and adults. That being said, if a gymnast does not have the strength to do a specific skill for their level, more muscle development may be needed in order to achieve it, exercising and certain workouts help speed this process.

Training exercises can be suggested by coaches here at GymnstTraining Pro for help to train a gymnasts body accordingly!

Floor standing-up-manwoman-standing-up

As progress advances with time and effort for floor the skills in turn also become more challenging, testing the capabilities and determination of those who are dedicated. Most of these skills, if not all, can be practiced at home given a safe environment. If you would like to provide a safe place to let your children, or yourself, practice, then I would suggest buying a tumbling mat for sale. The following are a mix of skills for both male and female gymnasts.

Level 2 Gymnastics For Floor:

  • Handstand hold for 1 second
  • Roundoff
  • Backward Roll
  • Bridge to back kick-over
  • Heal snap turn
  • Tuck Jump
  • Split leap
  • Split jump
  • Splits

Vault standing-up-manwoman-standing-up

Many changes from Level 1, but progression is necessary. The previous stage required a stretch jump, now we are getting them inverted! Be sure to properly stretch to warm the muscles to reduce risk of injury.

Level 2 Gymnastics For Vault:

  • Handstand straight body fall
  • Straddle over
  • Tuck over
  • Handstand fall over barrel
  • Handstand arch to stand
  • Dive roll onto stacked mats
  • Jump off block to stick

Uneven Bars woman-standing-up

Women’s bars event is highly recognized as competitive even from young ages, so naturally the number of skills to learn increases at a pretty dramatic rate.

Level 2 Gymnastics For Uneven Bars:

  • Cast
  • Pullover
  • Back hip circle
  • Leg cut
  • Forward side circle
  • Single leg basket swing
  • Squat to pike sole circle dismount
  • 3 legs lifts
  • 1 chin up
  • Straight body lift to support
  • Piked glide swing

High Bar standing-up-man

The 2nd tier of skill sets for high bar suggests more muscle definition and refinement. This comes naturally when learning skills as well as daily exercise. Try practicing at home with gymnastics bars for sale.

Level 2 Gymnastics For High Bar:

  • Pullover
  • Tap swing
  • Swing 1/2 turn
  • Underswing dismount
  • Chin ups
  • Leg lifts
  • Cast
  • Back hip circle


This unique event is another globally recognized all women’s event that requires precision and balance to execute impressive skills. Cats aren’t the only ones with a great sense of balance! Practice what’s listed here for preparation to advance to the next level, even at home with balance beams for sale.

Level 2 Gymnastics For Beam:

  • Jump fromt support mount
  • 1/2 passe turn
  • Skipping
  • Side releve turns
  • Lunge to lunge
  • Stretch jump
  • Tuck jump
  • Arabesque
  • Cartwheel handstand straddle down
  • Coupe walks
  • Cartwheel to handstand dismount


Most of rings training will be taught with the help of other apparatus’, such as high bar, so upper body development is will quickly set in.

Level 2 Gymnastics For Rings:

  • Tuck sit
  • L-hold
  • Swing Dismount
  • Inverted hang
  • Skin the cat pull up
  • Leg swings
  • Support

Pommel Horsestanding-up-man

This event isn’t as demanding as all the other’s since level 2 are typically not capable of supporting such momentum, but by practicing leg swings this can help with familiarity on a mushroom. Keep perfecting the sets and soon this event will be a breeze.

Level 2 Gymnastics For Pommel Horse:

  • Tuck Hold
  • Leg swings

Parallel Barsstanding-up-man

Much more to learn than previously, all within means though. I would suggest training on short p-bar equipment before moving onto the actual apparatus. It can be a little disorienting and scary for children to practice these skills without becoming familiar with them first.

Level 2 Gymnastics For Parallel Bars:

  • Swings
  • Support walk
  • Support and swing
  • Straddle travel
  • 90 degree turn
  • Front support
  • Long hang swing
  • Rear Dismount