Say Goodbye To Gymnastics Rips With This

Being able to execute skills from hours of practicing, conditioning, and muscle training is a rewarding experience to say the least. The amount of dedication and sweat that’s contributed is hard to put in words, but anyone who has physical and/or mentally exhausted themselves understands the feeling.

They’ll probably also understand how frustrating it is to have setbacks. Setbacks can be any obstacle in the way of further progression.

For this sport, the real popular setbacks are gymnastics rips, tears, and blisters.

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What Are Gymnastics Rips?

Hand rips are where you receive abrasions on the skin where the top most layer of skin, epidermis, has been either scraped off or partly ripped in some way. It is undoubtedly highly uncomfortable because of how sensitive the area is. Much similar to an open sore where if anything touches it, it stings (to say the least).

The reason hand rips are such a set back for gymnasts is because every apparatus contains multiple skills where using their hands are required. Chalk is used frequently in this sport, and in order to help heal gymnastics hand rips it is a wise idea to not put anything on the hand rips besides medical treatment.

Causes of Gymnastics Rips

In this sport, it is widely known for it’s upper body strength. To develop these muscles, gymnasts use their hands in every aspect of this development. Not only that, but the skills require them to as well. Apparatus which require the most of the gymnasts upper body strength are the culprits for causing hand rips. High bar, parallel bar, uneven bars, pommel horse, yup each one of them.

Typically, new gymnasts are much more prone to receive hand rips because they haven’t developed calluses, this takes time to get which most elite gymnasts have. The problem with developing calluses is that, no one likes rough hands. Sure they’re useful in gymnastics, but anywhere outside of it it just becomes somewhat of a burden.

That’s okay! There’s hand rip treatment and ways to avoid calluses.

Preventing Hand Rips

There’s several solutions to gymnastics rips, so you’ll be able to get back into the gym as soon as possible!

Gymnastics grips

One of the best ways to avoid any skin hand injury are by using the best gymnastics grips. Gymnastics hand grips are specially designed to perfectly do two things:

  1. Rotate on bars
  2. Prevent hand rips

It’s a god send, honestly. It uses tough leather that covers your hand and protects you from skin abrasions on bars. It also offers smooth rotation and eliminates any fear of developing calluses. The amount of support required by your hands in gymnastics is a lot, to say the least. So to not use grips is a little silly because the inevitable will happen, and when it does it will set you back on training and will give you a valuable lesson.

Proper protection is very important in this sport, and though some do without grips, most do use them since it’s good practice and hand rips hurt.


Gymnastics rip treatment is an excellent alternative to hand grips. This hand rip treatment uses a special blend of camphor, beeswax, coconut oil, tea tree oil, honey, and petroleum jelly to smooth chafing and blistering. It works best against gymnastics hand rips, but can also be used for dry skin and lips, to soften cracked heels, and for tattoo aftercare application.

How to apply

Because it is a beeswax-based item, it helps tremendously with sealing on moisture for maximum skin protection. Mostly due to the workings of the natural antibacterial properties, a speedy recovery is expected with the beeswax’s assistance in cell healing.

With a fresh gymnastics rips, remove, clean, and cut any loose skin followed by disinfecting the injury. Once the injury is dry, apply a good amount of the hand rip treatment on the wound for quick soothing. Keep the ointment on the injury for as long as possible, it’s best to leave it on overnight. You can cover the wound overnight with cotton gauze to keep out any foreign objects while sleeping or to prevent your hand from smearing off the hand rip treatment.

Do not use this treatment for gymnastics hand rips before working out, it is intended to speed up the healing process, so don’t disrupt that process while in use.

Pumice Stone Care

If you already have hand calluses or lingering dead skin, then pumice stones will help a lot. They are great for filing down dead skin and tough calluses. Eventually calluses build up, get hard, and fall off, so for good hand care maintenance I would suggest purchasing a pumice stone. They last a long time, depending on the frequency of usage.


Don’t let rips and tears get in the way of developing new skills. Use good practice by acquiring grips and RipFix treatment for tears to get rid of all the tedious injuries setting you back!