5 Best Gymnastics Rings For Sale

10 years ago..in a time not so different from now..

..EXCEPT for the fact it was considered a feat to find suspended rings anywhere but a gymnastics gym. Nowadays we have things like crossfit as a platform for weighted and body weight exercises which exposed rings as a sufficient way of working out, not sure what took everyone so long to figure that out.

Not everyone can afford to go to a gymnastics gym or a crossfit gym, BUT there are plenty of companies that have monetized the demand for rings supplies for customers to set them up wherever they want. Outside, backyard, in your home, at a park, public bathroom, look I’m not here to judge, I’m just here to let you know what some of the best gymnastics rings for sale are.


Most Reliable

Easiest Setup

Most Affordable

Top 3 Comparison
Emerge, Titan, and Nayoya Wellness have the best gymnastics rings for sale currently on the market. There’s a couple point I’d like to make to back my decision here: each of these products have a weight maximum of over 500lbs which is necessary because of certain skills that require this weight limit due to the force it creates.

Emerge offers a full refund or replacement in case if for any reason you don’t like the rings.

All top 3 products are easy to setup and take down, so no need to worry about mobility issues.

Although dimensions and sizes vary from product to product, quality and reliability are certainly guaranteed for all ages.

Individual Reviews
Here are the 5 best gymnastics rings that include an in depth review with dimensions, sizes, weight limits, and other qualities that might either make you say “this one is for me” or “no way jose”.

  1. Emerge Gymnastiscs Rings
    Our top pick
    Specs & Details:

Two 11″ wooden rings
1.5″ X 1.5″ ft trainers with 1.5″ webbing straps made to withstand athletes that weight up to 800lbs
Non-slip dual safe buckles
Money back guarantee OR replacement if unsatisfied
Apart from using these rings for fitness, they can also be used to train gymnastics skills. This particular set have grooves embedded into the wood that run parallel to one another so that you don’t slip when training, but it’s still smart to use some chalk.

Concentration and coordination are important to a fulfilling workout. These wooden rings are essential to increasing awareness to boost toughness and stability while working out.

More effective improvements the rings provide are in this picture.

Pricing & shipping

  1. Titan Wooden Rings
    The name “Titan” best describes the toughness and durability of the straps that come with these rings, odd enough. What’s especially unique to this set is the thickness of the rings compared to the designated competition grade type.

Below is a photo comparison to show exactly what I’m talking about.

Specs & Details:
Diameter: 9 1/4″ – Interior diameter: 8″
Ring thickness: 1 1/4″ – Strap length: 15ft
Strap width: 1 1/2″
Weight: 4lbs
Weight capacity: 600lbs
You’re probably wondering: “Well what’s so bad about the “competition” grade rings and straps?”


It’s a matter of skill level and body type, more on this in a bit. A thicker circumference around the rings means better grip, so if you tend to have that problem then there is your solution.

As for the additional 1/2″ width added to the strap, well that just means it holds more weight.

Skill Level & Body Type
The competition grade straps and rings are made for gymnasts. Gymnast are, on average, slimmer, average to below average height, have advanced grip and other motor skills.

Comparatively, the average person looking for mobile straps are probably taller, bigger, have less griping strength, and just plain need that extra .25″ – 1/2″ that the Titan provides. It is essentially a training tool, but I wouldn’t go training all those gymnastics skills on these. Baby steps are necessary.

Pricing & shipping

Pause the review…what can I do with the best mobile rings?
Rings are a versatile tool for exercising upper body muscles, and it’s not just for gymnasts. Crossfit implements a lot of gymnastics conditioning workouts while adding a little bit of their own flavor:

Uneven pull ups
Tucked frontlever pull ups
Skin the cat
Bulgarian dips
Leg raise to invert hold
Muscle ups
L-sit to shoulder stand

  1. Nayoya Gymnastics Rings
    “Pain free, Stress Free Living” is the self proclaimed motto of Nayoya, by delivering quality products that fit daily fitness and wellness needs for each individual.

I like to think they cut out half of their customers’ stress by offering affordable products and the other half by offering products that relieve physical pain. The company takes a more spiritual take on body wellness and healing, and appear completely devoted to the needs of their customers.

With that said let’s look at what we are working with here.

Specs & Details:

Rings are made with PC plastic
12ft long straps
Rings are capable of supporting up to 2000lbs
5 minute install and adjusting
For all ages
PC Plastic Rings
“Wait, plastic? Won’t my sweaty hands slip?”

This would be the case for ABS plastic rings, but the PC plastic it is made from has a non-slip texture to ensure a secure grip.

If you click the picture link and zoom in on the product photo, you’ll notice a sort of acrylic texture on the rings that are actually really great for combating slippery sweaty hands.

Important Note
I’m going to go ahead and not recommend practicing gymnastics skills with these rings, unless they are a low level skills. Reason being is PC plastic doesn’t accompany chalk that well.

Also the company even states on their website: “Supports body-weight exercises…”

Pricing & shipping

  1. Elite Sportz Gymnastics Rings
    Somewhat similar to the last product, the Elite Sportz version instead uses a the typical material to make the straps and with the buckle that accompanies them is probably much safer with this material.

Specs & Details:

15ft straps
External ring diameter: 9.25″
Internal ring diameter 7″
Rings made with PC plastic
100% money back guaranteed if not satisfied
Zero Slip Buckles
Not sure about you folks, but one of my main concerns with purchasing the best mobile rings is the possibility of the straps slipping from the buckles.

Nothing says a lawsuit quite like careless product manufacturing.

Great news though, the Elite Sportz rings actually have a very reliable buckle mechanism that even come with an instructional video for those who are either unsure or want to be sure they are setting their equipment up correctly (link in packaging).

Better to focus on your workout than whether or not you set the straps and buckles up correctly.

Keep core activated with any difficulty level
Made with durable PC plastic, mobile and versatile
Quality straps and buckles with no slippage allowing you to train wherever you want
Pricing & shipping

  1. Evolutionize Power Rings
    Specs & Details:

1.5″ webbing
12ft straps (can be adjusted to 6′)
Tested by 3rd party functional at 1200lbs
28mm diameter
Rings made of birch wood (FIG specs) or steel rings option
Included metal carabiners
Height Adjustment Feature
Even some of the best gymnastics rings for sale have a flaw often overlooked until it’s too late.

Something that you folks probably haven’t even thought about.

The issue is the sliding adjustment feature which most gymnastics rings operate with.

Example: Say you want to go from doing pullups to pushups, or vice versa, with the rings. You’ll have to slide the straps from a high elevation down close to the floor and often times they are uneven.

What’s supposed to be a versatile, easy to set up product turns into a tedious chore.

The Evloutionize Power Rings actually has a convenient solution so you will not run into this problem ever again. You can adjust from high to low, and even has 3 inch increments to make this process quick and easy.

Pricing & shipping

Consider This
There’s a couple important features that are practically necessary to have that make the set up easier, the workout reliable, and the product durable.

The Strap

It’s important to have taught webbing with your strap. Anything that stretches could be actually pretty fun at first, but it’s not ideal for gymnastics skills or fitness conditioning. The thickness plays a significant role in the over all strength support and “strap life” if you will.

The Ring

Wooden gymnastics rings are heavily favored over any other material because gripping steel or plastic material with sweaty hands isn’t nearly as easy as it is with wood. Chalk is often used with it to keep hands from getting clammy and to prevent the skin from ripping, and chalk doesn’t accompany plastic favorably.

The Buckle

It’s important to read reviews like this one and other peoples’ hands on experience with the product so you can look for faulty buckle systems. Any sort of slippage means it either has a low weight limit or the buckle is of poor quality, either one is not a good sign.