Signs Your Child Should Be In Gymnastics

It is not required to have natural talent in order to take gymnastics classes, just the right mixture of signs.

Actually, “natural talent” is essentially lucking out with the vestibular system, which could be all for nothing if something like determination is missing.

Which brings me to my first important signs of a potential gymnast your child probably has.

1. Doesn’t give up easily

Work ethic, for the lack of a better word, is essentially the overall drive that derives from the interest in something and the ability to overcome obstacles.

How hard they are willing to work to overcome obstacles depends on the intensity of that interest and its rewards. There’s a good life lesson in here somewhere.

Work hard for what you want, and don’t cut corners. This is a lesson even “natural talent” can’t escape, without a good work ethic it is all for naught.

What’s a good way to spot good work ethic?

If they’re having fun!

2. Climbs a lot of trees

If their spirit animal is a spider monkey then they’ll be great in gymnastics.

Children who climb a lot have better upper body strength and mobility that will naturally work in their favor when learning skills. These children in particular excel at bar skills.

3. If you often say “Help me, they have so much energy!”

The high level energy comes in handy with gymnastics by providing a perfect physical outlet for building self confidence through rewarding accomplishments.

Teaching children how to productively use that energy to achieve acrobatic skills is something they’ll need to be taught in the gym.

4. Coordination

If coordination seems like a strong suit for your child then teaching them the fundamentals of body coordination can further benefit they’re awareness of how to use their own body.

The beginning stages of gymnastics lessons teach these rudimentary skills.

Signs of high level coordination will often look like good balance, catching things easily, etc.

5. Has joy for movement

There is an enjoyment for motions and activities related to physical movement.

A popular example of this is jumping on the trampoline. Even though lots of energy is being exerted, it is incredibly fun and rewarding.

6. Natural talent

See how easily they’ll catch on in a gymnastics class. They could potentially be levels ahead of beginners given their natural abilities.

7. Consistency

Driven by general to incredible interest and often ruined by obstacles  thrown our way in life.

Perseverance is apparent in children when they show the willingness to go through the motions to learn something despite not being capable of getting it on the first few tries.

8. Competitiveness

The extra edge that steers their focus.

This focus is helpful not just for gymnastics, but for any sport. It’s especially good for achieving a skill or utilizing them to complete a pass.

Does this sound like your child?

Any combination of these characteristics is enough reason to see if gymnastics is right for your child. Find a nearby gym to talk to coaches about classes, and get some gymnastics gear!