10 Cheap Gymnastics Leotards for Conditioning

I think we can all agree that gymnastics centered stores are few and far between.

Fortunately for us this isn’t 30 years ago and we have the internet.

You can see our top cheap gymnastics leotards list below with multiple print designs and material that range in size by age (3-15 years old) for warm-up, practice, and conditioning.

BUT we recommend the MadSportsStuff Leotard because of the amount of design options they have, and the fact that they have a 30 day money back guarantee (even though you’ll find that their leotards are incredibly comfortable and modest).

1. Girls Retro Pattern Biketard

Ages 3-15

This adorable pink sparkly leotard is perfect to make a little girl feel special. With its boy short design, it will keep the material from riding up. Skin friendly material polyester and spandex is stretchy in all the right areas and helps wick the sweat away from the body.

Can be used for:

This leotard is perfect for gymnastics, training, yoga, tumbling, and biking. Makes a great gift for the special little girl in your life for her birthday, Christmas or just for a special anytime gift. This will make a lovely addition to any gymnast wardrobes, treat a special young lady to this gem.

See Size Chart

2. GK Glitz & Glam Leotard

Ages 3-15

This charming blue Ombre star patterned leotard is perfect for the little slightly older gymnast or dancing star in your life. This Nylon Spandex high quality, light weight and breathable fabric is designed for athletes who need their uniforms to keep up with their

routines as well as be comfortable.

Can be used for:

Perfect for gymnast, dancers, exercise class, stage performing or even daily wear. The durability of this fabric was designed with your athlete in mind it bounces right back in shape, will not cave under pressure, and with its comfortable design it’s perfect for any maneuver. Make your little star feel like a star.

See Size Chart

3. MadSportsStuff Girls Leos

Ages 5-16

This exquisite leotard comes in array of patterns, whether they feel like looking and feeling like a mermaid or a throng of color splashed to make them stand out. Whatever it maybe you will have a collection to choose from, designed to stand out each leotard has a bling foil like appearance to make their performance noticeable.

Can be used for:

The cut was uniquely made for your little gymnast or dancer in mind, perfectly modest cut outs along the neck and thigh with a beautiful diamond shaped cut out on the back. The super stretchy 4-way spandex is perfect for a sensitive child allowing optimum stretch and flexibility, this USA made leotard is among the top cheap gymnastics leotards.

See Size Chart

4. Long Sleeve Leo Stripe Starry Sky

Ages 2-15

This one-piece gymnastics leotard is perfect for older girls or the little girls with an assortment of colors to choose from. The long sleeves give this leotard an elegant and sophisticated yet simple look, yet fun with its sparkling dots like stars in the night.

Can be used for:

It is soft and skin friendly perfect for tumbling, yoga, gymnastics, cheer and even swimming. Surprise your gymnast with a fun leotard that is sure to give her confidence.

See Size Chart

5. DAXIANG One-Piece Floral Print

Ages 2-10

Give this fun little leotard a spin with its hip designs, with different patterns that are sure to stand out and it’s sparkly and shimmery fun bottom. This long-sleeved scoop neck has great coverage for movement, along with its stretchy, elastic and free of physical tension you can be rest assured it will move with your body not restrict it.

Can be used for:

Perfect for tumbling, gymnastics, cheer, yoga or anything you need coverage yet full movement. This is a perfect alternative leo to add to any collection.

See Size Chart

6. TFJH E One-piece Sparkle Leo

Ages 3-12

This magnificent leotard is suitable for younger gymnasts, with its soft sweet style with a little sparkle to bring out the funky side. It has soft subtle colors and is the perfect stretchy material for all movement, with the modest cut outs in the neck, thighs and in the back allows for breathing room. The fabric is soft, perspiration cooling, dry and comfortable it is also light weight in design.

Can be used for:

It is suited for all sports, gymnastics, fitness, ballet and so on. Perfect addition or beginning of your leotard wardrobe.

See Size Chart

7. Gymnastics Conditioning Biketard

Ages 3-10

 This little leotard is a perfect must have for you rising super star. With its fun and funky variety of patterns on will be sure, to please. This boy short style with curve hugging material also has a scooped neck that is slightly lower in the back, which allows for movement and comfort without hiking up in the wrong areas. Skin-friendly fabric, polyester and spandex makes it free from straining.

Can be used for:

The leotard is perfect for gymnastics, yoga, dance, fitness, tumbling or just comfort wear. Certainly one of the best gymnastics leotards because of its comfortability.

See Size Chart

8. DESTIRA Ombre Pink Purple Leotard

Ages 3-14

This dazzling leotard is pink and purple Ombre with darling crystals, can turn heads with its appealing pattern. With sweet and bold colors there will not be many little girls that will not love the way they look and feel. This leotard comes with a matching scrunchie to keep her hair up in style. With carefully cut out scooped neck is made for movement to make her leotard fit like a glove that allows her body to move.

Can be used for:

Made for all sports as in gymnastics, tumbling, cheer, yoga, acrobatics and many other related sports. Created and designed by gymnasts, comfort and durability is key.

See Size Chart

9. SanReach Shiny Waves Metallic Leo

Ages 4-14

This gorgeous leotard has shiny purple metallic waves flowing throughout, this is beautiful it has the perfect amount of bling to make any girl stand out. Feel fierce and serene as it is made with nylon spandex for the perfect stretch for all motion and has a comfortable neckline cut so it will not restrict. It has a scoop neck that is a little lower in the back along with modest cut thighs for extreme comfort.

Can be used for:

This leotard is great for gymnastics, dancing, cheer, ballet, team uniforms, tumbling, swimming, fitness or playwear. This is a great addition to any sporty girls’ closet, so surprise your girl today.

See Size Chart

10. Destira Multi-printed Blue Scale Leotard with Scrunchie

Ages 3-14

This leotard is mystical, for that special little girl that wants to look like a mermaid. What little girl does not want to look like a mermaid? With this bright and bold color, she will stand out among the crowd along with a scrunchie to keep her hair out of the way of her performance. It has a scooped neck design, that is designed for comfort. With its no-itch material and stetchy Nylon Spandex, gives you freedom to move for any

sport; gymnastics, tumbling, cheer, yoga, acrobatics and anything else you can think.

Can be used for:

Created and designed by gymnasts, these amazing leotards are built for comfort and durability as well as standing out in a competitive world. Makes this a definite add on to your leotard wardrobe.

See Size Chart

Finding The Right Leotard

In order to get what you want you’ll have to know how to find the right leotard.

Is it a leotard with long-sleeves?

Made with velvet or nylon?

Made for competing or for practicing?

All of these cheap gymnastics leotards listed here have sizing charts, which is important to have when finding the right size. You can double check sizes by grabbing a tape measure and getting the measurements for the waste, hip, chest, and girth.

You can’t use competition designated leos for conditioning, well you can, but with the amount of available leos that are suitable for practicing it’s more often preferred.

Same goes for vice versa. Reason being is competition leos require team logos or matching color combinations and design.

This is required during competition.

After you find out what type of leotard you want then you need to learn how to wash it..

I’m not even scratching the surface here either, but everything you need to know is right below.

How To Find The Best Gymnastics Leotard For Girls

Being a gymnastics coach has its perks, of course. One that I’m greatly thankful for is having a well-rounded idea of how to find cheap gymnastics leotards. We heavily use amazon to find the right leo because gymnastics centered stores are few and oh so far in-between.

If this is your first time looking at cheap gymnastics leotards for a new gymnast then just know, like shopping for any other product, it’s important to know what to look for to ensure comfortability, versatility, and your moneys worth.

Top Brands for Cheap Gymnastics Leotards

  • GK Elite: An official gymnastics apparel brand and incredibly well known. Their prices tend to be a little higher, but the quality reflects what you pay. They offer gymnastics apparel from toddlers to elite gymnasts for both genders!
  • Snowflake Designs: Also in the same price range as GK, except Snowflake offers a variety of alternative prints and designs that stay comfortable while performing at your best.
  • Alpha Factor: This company has the highest quality garments in gymnastics sport apparel with a variety of sizes to choose from.
  • Destira: A leo fitness garment company run by gymnasts for gymnasts. If it’s anyone that understands the needs of the athlete, it’s this company.

What To Look For

It’s easy to see all cheap gymnastics leotards as just a garment, but when you have to wear the skin tight fabric for extended periods of time then it can become a real PAIN.

Especially if they have problems in any of these areas:


No one body has the same dimensions.

A person with wide high and a small torso won’t fit into the same sized apparel as someone with small hips and larger chest area.

SO, it is important to determine the correct measurement before purchasing anything, even if you already feel comfortable skipping this step. Returning online orders can be a pain, so if you can you’ve got time to do it wrong, then you’ve got time to do it again.


You’ll need a tape measure in order to get accurate measurements. Finding the waste measurements on the best gymnastics leotards are pretty simple, just make sure you get the full circumference of the waste and NOT the hips.


In order to get hip measurements, you’ll need to find the part of the butt that’s fullest and measure all the way around. No one wants to see butt cheeks hanging out of a leotard, so make sure to follow these instructions.


Here’s a good way to determine the correct measurements: Get a tape measure and have the person you are measuring extend their arms straight out to the side. Have them take and hold a deep breath while you place the beginning of the tape measure underneath their armpit and wrap around until the tape meets the starting point.


Measure starting from the top of the shoulder and run it down the front of body then feed it through the crotch area and back up to the shoulder you started on. Don’t avoid natural curves of the body.

Practice Leos

The most asked question I get about dress code has to do with with two things:

competition and practice leotards.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, there is more variety when it comes to what leotards they can practice in.

Unless the gymnast is at a competition then any leotard, unitard, biketard, or whatever tard you can think of is acceptable.

Competition Leos

Competing is a different story, because there is certainly a dress code.

Aesthetics are very important during competitions, so things like having hair in your face and a leotard that is not a team leotard is unacceptable.

In gymnastics, women must wear a team leotard. Many training schools, including K2 Academy, have a coordinating warm-up suit as part of their competitive apparel. Both of these items are to be worn to each meet. Competition Dress Code

It says women, but this applies to men as well.

Sleeve Lengths

Really, length is just preference.

Some of the best gymnastics leotards have sleeves and look great on women during competition, but for practice, it’s unnecessary. During conditioning and practice it is not only unnecessary, but definitely uncomfortable considering how hot it can get sometimes.


Although it may seem like there’s a wide material variety for the best gymnastics leotards, there really isn’t, and is especially unforgiving for men.

Fabrics like velvetsuede, and velour (which give a very classy look) aren’t used too often because of how terrible the insulation is for cooling the body down so those aren’t completely ideal. If anything you will see a section of a leos design that will incorporate these fabrics to give it that aesthetic.

Nylonspandex, and lycra are heavily used and most popular because of its elasticity. It is what women and men predominantly use for conditioning and competitions. The material is very breathable, snug but doesn’t suffocate, and the most versatile when it comes to design. Mesh, which is also very breathable, is used with spandex very often typically with added trinkets, rhinestones, and sparkles.

Washing and Drying

Hand washing is the safest route to go because of delicate fabrics and to avoid ruining the design of the leo, in case it has stones, sparkles, etc.

Using a high volume of cold water is key to dilute dye runs, and although washing machines can do this, hand washing is the better option because it is more delicate with the material. So just run in cold water with some Woolite detergent for approximately 30 minutes then roll it in a towel and hang it to dry.

Simple as that.

Q & A

Q: How many cheap gymnastics leotards should I have?

A: Some gymnast buy more cheap gymnastics leotards than they’ll ever wear, although I want to make it clear you do NOT need to have that many. The key is to keep them clean and have no more than 8 different styled leotards, anything after that is borderline hoarding.

Q: What is the average cost for cheap gymnastics leotards?

A: Although the size of the garment has a lot to do with how much you pay, the average leo runs between $20 – $30 with the upper $30’s moving more toward the high end gymnastics apparel.

Q: Where can I buy gymnastics leotards?

A: You can find the best gymnastics leotards online, which you can access easily by looking through our top suggestions.